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Feed an entire family for one whole month for just £45!

Select the number of packs and pay online or transfer direct into our Sadqah Account.

Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name: SADQAH
Account No. 94242211
Sort Code: 40-37-25

International Details:

IBAN: GB06MIDL40372594242211

Branch Identifier Code |Swift Code: MIDLGB2108S

Bank Address:

49a Fishergate, Preston, PR1 8BH, United Kingdom




Feed an entire family for one whole month for just £45! Give monthly if you wish to support them throughout the year and protect yourself and yourself from adversities and harm through regular sadqah. The food pack consists of the following items:

Food & Drink
1. Flour 10 kg
2. Rice 5 kg
3. Dates 2kg
4. Milk Pack x12
5. Cooking Oil 5 kg
6. Sugar 3 kg
7. Salt 3 packets
8. Gram/Besan Flour 2 kg
9. Red Lentils 1 kg
10. Black Chickpeas 1 kg
11. White Chick Peas 1 kg
12. Bengal Gram Split 1 kg
13. Urad / Daal Maash 500g
14. Vermicelli 250g
15. Red Chilli Powder 500g
16. Tumeric 250 gram
17. Ground Spices – Gharam Masala 250g.
18. Tapal Tea 250g
19. 2 Bottles of Cordial Drinks
20. Tomato Ketchup 1kg

Non Food Items:
1. Tooth paste x1
2. Shampoo x1 bottle
3. Washing Powder 1kg
4. Clothes Soap x2
5. Dish Soap x2
6. Hand soap x3
7. Matchbox x5

We will be distributing the first food packs to poor families in Pakistan during Ramadhan. These families are extremely poor. Living off just 20p per day including widows and orphans.

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