Dictionary of Dreams

DICTIONARY OF DREAMS 487 his adversity and be cured from his illness. Furthermore, he will move into a more comfortable life and begin a life of sharing and doing good deeds in this world. or he may receive guidance and light, and faith will permeate his heart. If one says h is prayers with a twang in a dream. it means that he will linger in difficulties, and that people will mock him too. (Also see Supplications) Zircon: (Gem: Mineral; Ring; Stone) In a dream. zircon represents unity and affection between husband and wife. or it could mean a contract between two partners, or reconciliation between two enemies, or it could represent the correctness of one's faith. (Also see Stone2) Zodiac signs: (See Celestial spheres; Constellations; Dog; Star) Zolllkoferla splnosa: (See Citrus medica) Zucchinl: (See Pumpkin) Zuhur: (arb. See Five time prayers) Zul-t!ijjah: (See Arabic months; 'Ara{at) Zul-Qarnaln: (Zul-Qarnain, peace be upon him.) Seeing him in dreammeans that one will intercede before a great person on behalf of someone else and satisfy his needs. Zul-Qi'dah: (See Arabic months)