Dictionary of Dreams

y Yahya: (God's prophet Yahya, upon whom be peace; John) Seeing him (uwbp) in a dream means being endowed with piety, love for God Almighty, fear of wrongdoing and being distinct and unequalled in one's time. Seeing God's prophet Yahya in a dream also means that one will acquire power and receive glad tidings. Yapping: (See Sound ofanimals) Yarn salesman: (Mill; Spinning; Yarn) A yarn salesman in a dream represents a contract, an agreement, planning, spinning . or womanizing. Yarn: (See Ball ofthread; Spinning) Yashmak: (Turk. Double veil worn by Muslim women; Apparel; Attire; arb. Khimar; Niqab) A yashmak or a veil covering the lower part of the face up to the eyes in a dream represents a young girl who wi11 1ive a long life, or it could represent one who devotes her life to religious and spiritual studies. (Also see Kllimar; Veil) Yawning: (Slumberous) In a dream, yawning means an illness or an affliction. I t also represents an insolent act that pleases Satan. Yawning in a dream also means a surprise charge at one's enemy. It also means a reward, because it prevents the person from speaking. Yawning in a dream also means a terminal illness. Year: (Age; Period;Time) In a dream, ayear representsdrought, doubt, difficulties, threats, scientific advancement, trials, temptations. If one identifies a year in a dream, during a drought season, it means a good harvest. As for a pregnant woman, identifying a year in a dreammeans deliveringher child. Seeing a year in a dream means experiencing an adversity, or witnessing someone else's trials and learning a lesson from it, or to repent of one's own sins. Yearning for one's homeland: (See Yearning) Yearning: To feel a yearning or a desire to see one's homeland in a dream means divorce between a husband and a wife, or separation between friends, or it could mean becoming rich after being poor. Yearning in a dream also connotes evil if accompanied with crying or lamenting. Yelling: (See Call) Yellow rose: (See Rose) Yellow scorpion: (See Scorpion) Yellow: (Color) Wearing a yellow silken garment in a dream means a sickness. If a warrior sees himselfwearing a yellow silken garment in a dream, it means that he will be decorated for his chivalry. Yellow in a dream also represents strains. (Also see Colors; Paleness) Yielding: (See Driving force) Yogurt: (See Cheese) Yoke of matrimony: (See Marriage; Yoke) Yoke: (Bond; Bondage; Harness; Shackles; Yoke ofmatrimony) In a dream, a yoke means benefits formost people except for people inbondage. In their case, seeing