Dictionary of Dreams

DICTIONARY OF DREAMS 349 Qur'anlc commentaries: (arb. Tafsi'r. See Reference book) Qur'anlc recita l : Reading the holy Qur'an or part of it in a dream means rising in station, gaining power, repenting from sins, prosperity, paying one's debts, witnessing the truth, or delivering a trust to its rightful owner. Reciting the holy Qur'an with a beautiful voice in a dream means honor, dignity and good fame. Reading the holy Qur'an and adding one's own words to it in a dream means wavering from the truth, or betrayingone's promise or covenant, If in the latter case one does not understand the meaning of what he is saying in the dream, it means that he will give a false testimony in a court ofjustice, or that he will be involved in something evil the consequences of which cannot be foreseen. If one sees people listening to his recital of the Qur'an in a dream, it means that he will command ajob, and that people will follow his instructions. Hearing, or reading any Qur'anic chapter which is customarily read for a deceased person in a dream, signifies the death of a sick person in that family. Professional Qur'an readers in a dream represent the leading people of the society. To hear a professional Qur'anic recital in a dream means that people in authority will soon gather in the place where the recital is seen in one's dream. If one sees himself reading his book of records on the Day of Judgment in a dream, and if he is an unlettered person in wakefulness, it means that he will become rich after having suffered from poverty, and that he will answer all the questions he will be asked on the Day of Reckoning, or that he will be protected by <1>d Almighty from what he fears most. This happens if one's reading of his own records is positive, but if it reads his sins and pitfalls in the dream, then it denotes distress, trouble, or sufferings. (Also see Holy Book; Reading) Qur'anlc verses: Reading or listening to Qur'fmic verses in a dream may carry needed interpretations related to one's current studies of God's holy Book. If they indicate verses ofmercy in the dream, it means that he will receive it, and if they carry admonition in the dream, and unless one immediately repents, they mean a punishment for one's sins. (Also see Pearl necklace)