Dictionary of Dreams

p Paddles: (See Oars) Padlock: A padlock in a dream represents an employeewho is treated roughly and unfavorably. A padlock made from wood in a dream represents deceit and hypocrisy. Lockingone'sdoorsecurelyina dreammeansmanagingandcontrolling one's business in accordance with the divine laws. If one's door does not have a lock in a dream, it means that one has no control over which way his life goes, and that he cares little about its consequences. Attempting to lock one's door, but to no avail in a dream means one's failure to complete an important project. Breaking a lock and entering a house in a dream represents a conqueror or benefits that will come through such a person. A padlock in a dream also represents a bolt, a door latch, one's son, a handicapped wife, taking shelter away from one's enemy, a hidden treasure, or a burial ground. A padlock in a dream also may denotes sorcery, concealing secrets, or hindrances obstructing one's travel plans. Putting a padlock on one's door in a dream means prosperity after suffering from poverty, or receiving honors after being humiliated. A padlock in a dream also could represent a bastard son, or a foundling. (Also see Close; Lock) Pain: (Ache; Discomfort; Hurt) In a dream, pain means regret and sorrow. Suffering from a tooth ache in a dream means hearing painful words from a relative the particular tooth implies. Neck pain in a dream represents being ill­ treated by one's friends. Neck pain in a dream also may indicate that one has betrayed his covenant, or that he has denied a promise. Shoulder pain in a d ream signifies bad earnings. Stomach pain in a dreammeans spendingmoney in sin and feeling regret for doing so. Pain in one's navel in a dream signifies ill-treatment of one's wife. Heart pain in a dream means having hidden bad qualities, or questionable religious sincerity. Liver pain in a dream means ill­ treatment ofone's children. Spleenpain in a dreammeans spoilingone's money by adding unlawful earnings to it. Severe spleen pain that could lead to one's death in the dream means loss of one's religious commitment. Lung and chest pain in a dream mean the nearing of one's death. Back pain in a dream means the death of one's brother, supporter, superior, or a close friend. Pain in one's thighs in a dream means causing harm to one's community. Pain in one's foot in a dream means money, or it could mean straying from God's path. (Also see Bodyl; Chest pain; Lungs; Teeth; Tooth) Painter: (Artist; Illustrator) In a dream, a painter represents knowledge, archi­ tecture, wisdom, writing poems, writing love songs or telling lies. A painter in a dream also represents someone who conceals his acts, or hides his true face. He also could represent alcoholism, falling in love, marriage, or having children. Some of the painter's works are beneficial while others are harmful. All depending on the qualityofhis work, its objectives, balance, resemblance to the object painted and authenticity. The characteristics of such a person in the dream may be that of a hypocrite in wakefulness, or an ostentatious person, a toadying person, a hypocrite, a panegyrist, or a lauding person, though he mostly looks as a good, sincere and a hard working person. The value of his