Dictionary of Dreams

o Oak tree: (Evergreen) An oak tree in a dream represents profits, prosperity, honor, or associatingwith heedless people who live in the mountains, orperhaps it could meanvisitingrighteouspeople, ascetics andrenunciateswho live in thewilderness or in uninhabited ruins. An oak tree in a dream also may mean homosexuality or sodomy. An evergreen tree in a dream represents the element oflongevity and strength, but it could also implyslaverybecause ofits needles. (ALsoseeOak; Tree) Oak: Oak in a dream represents a difficult person who loves to hoard money, or it could represent a great shaikh, or a rich person. (Also see Oak tree; Tree) Oars: (Paddles) Oars in a dream represent the movement of a ship, or they could meanhavinga secret affair. Oars in a dream also mean reachingsafety, or finding a helping friend. (Also see Boot; Ship) Oatmeal: (See Breakfast food) Obituarist: (See Piper) Oboe: (Flutej Musical instrumentsj Wind instruments) In a dream, an oboe means am usement,distractions. entertainment,pleasures,celebrations, weddings,enticing rebellion, or corruption. If one receives an oboe as a gift from a governor in a dream, it means that he will preside over an administration. Placingone's fingers over theholes ofanoboe in a dreammeans learning, memorizingand understand­ ing the Qur'anic revelations. Playing the oboe in a dream also means having a beautiful voice and good diction. Carrying a golden oboe in a dream represents a wise man. If a sick person sees or holds an oboe in his dream, it means his death. Ifa backbiter holds an oboe in his dream, itmeans slander, and ifone whodesires to have a son sees himselfcarryingan oboe in a dream, itmeans that hewill beget a son. (Also see Flute) Obscurity: (See Darkness; Fog) Obsequious; (See Dog) Observatory: (See Watchtower) Obstinacy: (Obtrusive; Stubbornness) Obstinacy in a dream means witnessing or committing evil in wakefulness. To be obstinate, demanding and persistent in a dream also means runningaway from something, or turning one's back to a fight, a dispute, an argument or a business. Obstinacy in a dream also may denote a presumptuous and an arrogant person who is disliked by people. Beingobtrusive and obstinate in a dream also may mean being exasperated or annoyed about something, or that people dislike to be in his company and have serious reser­ vations about him. (Also see Obtrusive person) Obstinate person: (See Donkey; Darkness; Obtrusive person) Obtrude: (See Darkness; Obtrusive person) Obtrusive person: (Demanding person; Ignorant person; Obstinate) It is common among the people of knowledge to describe an obtrusive person as a stone. (Also see Darkness; Obstinacy) Obviating: (See Cauterize) Occupied: (See Busy)