Dictionary of Dreams

M Mace: (See Scepter) Madman: (See Insanity; Mental derangement) Madness: (See Mental derangement) Maghrlb: (arb. See Five times prayers) Magi: (See Worshipping fire) Magic arts: (Conjuring: Jugglery; Tricks) In a dream, magic arts mean deceit, pride, artificiality and temptations. To learn about sorcery, or black magic, or about similar arts in a dream means innovation and heedlessness. (Also Ma­ gician; Sorcery; Spit out) MagiC practice: (See Fortuneteller; Magic arts; Sorcery; Spit out) Magician: (Illusion) In a dream, a magician represents a seducer. If he uses an apple in his illusion in the dream, it means that he will seduce his own son. If he uses a butterfly in his performance in the dream, it means that he will rape his own wife. (Also see Magic arts; Sorcery; Spit out) Magnification: (See Giant) Magpie: (Blabber; Hodgepodge) In a dream, a magpie represents a man who keeps no promise, who has neither honor nor does he feel comfortable with anyone. Such a man is rich, accursed and opportunistic. If a magpie speaks to someone in a dream, it means that he will receive news concerning a distant person. Catching a magpie in a dream means overcoming a corrupt and a perfidious person. Fightingwith a magpie in a dreammeansengaging in a futile adventure and gaining nothing from it. Magus: (See Worshipping fire) Mahaleb: (Fragrance; Seeds used in perfumes and in making sweets; Prunus Mahaleb, bot. ) In a dream, a mab,aleb tree represents blessed and sweet earn­ ings. Seeing amab,aleb tree or a branch ofit in a dream also maymean begetting a son. Mahmal: (arb. See Palanquin) Mall carrier: (See Carrier) Mall: Mail in a dreammeans activities or travels. Mail in a dream also means being led by one's evil actions and sins into the road of destruction or consequent death. (Also seeMailman; Ostrich) Mallman: In a dream, a mailman represents the caller to God, a preacher, a news carrier, an emissary, a letter carrier or a courier. (Also see Dromedary rider; Mail; Ostrich) Maintenance: (See Family support) Majesty: Majesty and reverence in a dream represents glad tidings, or rising into a highrakingposition and earning an exalted station in God's sight whether the person seen in such a state is aliveordead. To recognize a state ofreverence and majesty in a dream also means receiving guidance on the straight path, or repenting from one's sins. Makeup : (Cosmetics; Henna; Kohl; Medicine) Cosmetic makeup in a dream