Dictionary of Dreams

Labor pangs: (See Tremor) Labor throes: (See Tremor) L Labor: (Hard work; Toil) Hard labor in a dream means comfort in wakefulness. If a businessman or a rich person sees himselfworking as a laborer in a dream it represents conceit and a sham, or that he is deceiving people to control their money, or defrauding them of their assets. If one sees himself laboring in a dream, it means thriftiness, discretion, or virtuous along with satisfaction and ease in one's life. Laboring in a dream also means a misfortune or one's peril. . (Also see Laborer) Laborer: A laborer in a dream represents an honorable worker who possesses dignity, integrity, and whose earnings are blessed. (Also see Construction worker) Lactate: (See Colostrum; Milk) Ladder: A wooden ladder in a dream means distress and toiling one may endure during ajourney. A ladder in a dream alsorepresents peace and safety. Climbing a ladder in a dreammeans receiving a warningor an admonition to do good and eschew evil for someone who does not oblige. Ifone's ladder turns into concrete stairs in a dream, it means assiduity and veiling or protecting ofone's privacy. A ladder laid on the floor in a dream means authority, while a raised ladder means recovering from an illness. A ladder also represents travels, comfort to a person who is struckby sorrows, or it could represent a great person. Climbing a new ladder in a dreammeans reaching new spiritual attainments, or it could represent his business success. Even climbing an old ladder in a dream means success in one's bushiness, exaltation and profits. Falling from a ladder in a dream means adversities, spiritual fall and temptation. Climbing down a ladder in a dream means business losses. If the ladder breaks in the middle of one's assent or descent in the dream, it means losing to one's competition. If one fixes a ladder to descend upon somethinghe knows in a dream, it means safety from danger, arrogance, fears, or escape from an accident that might cost him his life. Climbing a ladder in a dream also means seeking the help of people who are filled with hypocrisy. If one climbs a ladder to hear something in a dream, it means that he will achieve success and attain power. A ladder in a dream also means authority, eavesdropping, or spying for evil people. Lad le: (Kitchen; Stew) A ladle in a dream represents a household manger, or the lady of the house who properly manages its finances. Eating meat cooked with vinegar from a ladle in a dream means living happily with dignity from money one has earned from his own labor, or it could mean serving the domestic needs of others, working for rich people and making good money, making healthy profits from one's trade, or winning an important political appointment. (Also see Kitchen) Lair: (See Hole) Lake: A lake in dream represents judges and governors who serve others without conspiracy. A lake in a dream also represents difficulties in completing one's