Dictionary of Dreams

J Jackal: In a dream, a j ackal represents a man who deprives people from their rights, or onewho causes evil. Ajackal in a dream also could mean friendliness. or a light and fun companionship. Jackdaw: (See Crow) Jacob: (The prophet Jacob. upon whom be peace.) Seeing God's prophet Jacob (uwbp) in a dream means strength, living in God's blessings and having many children. Some of the children will cause their father grief, though his distress will later dissipate. SeeingGod's prophet Jacob (uwbp) in a dream also means dispersal ofone's family that will be followed by a joyfu l reunion. Seeing God's prophet Jacob (uwbp) in a dream also means earning God's nearness through devotion, prayers, charity and good deeds. It also could mean temporary loss of one's sight, finding a missing child, or suffering a trial because of one's attachment to his blood ties, though God willing, the results will be positive. Seeing him in a dream also means a calamity, or loss of family and wealth. The person in the dream also will be endowed with great patience and will come out of it victorious. If a sick person sees him (uwbp) in his dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. If he has a prayer or a need, they will be fulfilled. If one sees himself wearing Jacob's robe in a dream, it means that he will be afflicted with calamities, distress, separation from his family and beloveds, or it couldmean an illness. Attheend,his sufferings will vanish tobe replaced with happiness. Seeing God's prophetJacob (uwbp) in a dream also means business, travels, risingprices, stashingmerchandise then revealing it. If a woman sees Jacob's wife in a dream, it means that she will be stripped of her wealth and become subject ofdefamation, though again, the conclusionofher case will turn positive. It also could mean the imprisonment of one of her children. If a sick person sees her in a dream, it means that he will recover by God's mercy and grace, since her name was 'Raama' (Mercy). (Also see Joseph, upon whom be peace.) Jahannam: (See hell-fire) Jailer: (Blacksmith; Digging) A j ailer in a dream represents a grave digger. Jamarat: (See Pelting stones) Jamadu Ihan'i: (See Arabic months) Jamadul Awwal: (See Arab ic months) Jami: (See Masjid; Mosque) Janaza: (arb. See Fiue times prayers) January: (See Earthquake; Thunder) Japanese spaniel: (See Dog) Jar: (Any broad-mouthed earthenware container.) I n a dream, an earthenwarejar represents adeceivingemployeewho isentrustedwith the accountingdepartment of one's business. Drinking fresh water from an earthenware jar in a dream means earning lawfulmoney and comfort inone's life. Drinkinghalfofthe water contained in a j ar in a dream means having consumed half one's life span. Drinking from a tight mouthed earthenware container in a dream also means