Dictionary of Dreams

I Ibex: (See Mountain goat) Ice cream salesman: (Cooling) An ice cream salesman in a dream represents a hard working person who labors to provide comfort to others, whose efforts are praiseworthy, and whose earnings are blessed. Ice: Buying a container of ice during a hot weather in a dream means profits that will bring financial stability to one's family, or hearing good news that will comfort and cool one's heart. Winter's ice in a dream means washing away one's difficulties and trouble. It also means forcing one's conditions upon his oppo­ nents. A snowstorm that culminates in icy roads, freezing and impeding the traffic in a dreammeans economic depression and slowingofthe travel industry. Ice in a dream also represents men's endurance. Filling a pot ofwater to make ice in a dream means saving money, or locking a coffer. Icy rain: (See Hail) 'Iddah: (arb. Mourningperiod. A prescribed waiting period of three month during which adivorced or awidowedwoman maynot remarry. IsliimicLaw) Ifa woman sees herself in a dream observing the 'Iddah period, it signifies distress, adversities, trouble, concern, sickness, or divorce. lfshe is observing the 'Iddah period because ofher husband's death in the dream, it means her divorce, or the death of her husband, mother, father, or anyone for whose sake one will renounce comfort, beautiful clothing, tasty food, the pleasures ofthis world and the company of others. Idiot: (See Tankard) Idle talk: (See Moon) Idol: (See Statue) Ignominy: (See Clay) Ignorance: (Demandingperson; Obtrusive person) It is common among the people of knowledge to describe an ignorant person as a stone. (Also see Darkness) Illness: Having an illness in a dream represents a sickening character, or a hypocrite. Finding oneself ill in a dream means enjoying a good health for that year, or it could mean loss ofdevotionand lack ofpiety. If a warrior finds himself sick in a dream, it means that he will be wounded. If one sees his wife sick in a dream, it means that she is negligent of her religious obligations. If a sick person sees himself riding an ox, or a swine in a dream, it means his death. A feverish illness in a dream means pressure caused by a ruler. Feeling sick, or feeling down with an undiagnosed illness in a dream means spending money, or wasting it in ways other than on God's path. In a dream, illness mostly denotes religious disobedience and religious disdain. Ifone's sick child recovers from an illness in a dream, it means his death. If one sees the entire city suffering from an illness in a dream, it means a war, or a siege. If one sees himselfill in a dream, it also means victoryoverhis enemy and enjoying a happy life. Otherwise, seeing anyone suffering from an illness in a dream means lack ofwork, and for a rich person it means becoming needy. If a business traveller sees himself ill and desiringsomethingin his dream, it means that his business