Dictionary of Dreams

A Aaron: (The Prophet Aaron, the older brother of God's prophet Moses, upon both ofthem be peace.) Seeing theprophetAaron (uwbp) in adreammeansexaltedness, leadership, or that one may become an Imam, a vice-regent of a great person, and perhaps sufferfrommany adversities becauseofit. Finally, he will triumph and attain his goals, or he maydestroy a tyrant and an unjust ruler. I fawarrior sees God's prophet Moses or his brother the prophet Aaron, upon both of them be peace and blessings, in a dream, it means that he will be victorious and triumph over his enemy. Abacus: <Calculator) In a dream, an abacus represents social order, conformity and uprightness. Seeing an abacus in a dream also reflects one's own state and conduct. If the frame and beads are in a good condition, operate smoothly and smell fragrant in the dream, the abacus thendenotesone'suprightness and good conduct. If they look dirty, greasy and rough to handle in the dream, then they denote the ill management ofone's life or business. If one sees an abacus in such a condition in his dream, it may also represent unsanitary food preparation, a greasy spoon restaurant, or it could mean abating the declared weight or value ofa merchandise. An abacus in adreamalsomay represent awell behaved child, a student, a teacher, or a judge. Ifone turns into an abacus in a dream, it means an illness or a calamity. An abacus in a dream also means that one's patience, contentment and trust in God Almighty will reserve him a generous reward. (Also see Record keepers) Abandoned Infant: (See Orphan) Abattoir: (See Slaughterhouse) Abdomen: (Venter) The surface part of the body between the chest and the pelvis in a dream represents one's strength and health condition, wealth, or it could mean poverty. (Also see Bodyl) Abel : Seeing Abel, the second son of Adam in a dream means suffering from people'sjealousy, grievance, chicanery, or that onemay be killedby his enemy. It also means that an unjust person will envy him. SeeingAbel in a dream also means piety, devotion to God Almighty, feebleness toward a woman or making an offering to please God Almighty and entering the heavenly paradise as a reward. One who sees Abel in a dream should beware ofhis brethren and close friends, and he should fear for his life. Abhor: (See Hate) Ablution: Taking an ablution and completing it by giving careful attention to details in a dream means fulfilling one's needs. Taking a second ablution to performone's prayers without the ritual need to do so in a dream means increase in one's light. Taking ablution with milk or honey in a dream means debts. Ablution is a proper deed in all religions. It is a guard, a clemency, assurance of the divine protection and immunity frompunishment. Taking an ablution to performone's prayers in a dreammeans enteringunder God's protection against what one may fear. It is reported in the traditions that God Almighty has said to Moses,uponwhombepeace:"Whenyou are seizedby fear, takeyourablution